Oasis Martial Arts (formerly Dysart Tae Kwon Do)


Oasis Martial Arts (OMA), formally known as Dysart TaeKwondo (DTKD) was founded and established in 2003 by Sensei Tony Redmond in the city of El Mirage, AZ.  The idea and purpose for forming this school was very simple, as I looked around the valley for a true martial arts program for my children to join after moving from the south, I could not find one that offered the personal touch and attention students need to learn and grow as well as at the same time making it affordable, especially for families with multiple children. I had been involved in martial arts for 20 years both in competitive and teaching aspects and what I found locally was very disturbing. As a result, I decided to start teaching again, our dojo started in a local community center where we were able to offer true, traditional martial arts training to students of all ages who desire to learn and train but could not afford the cost of the other schools in the area.

Since that time we have seen many other schools spring up and within a few months or even years have closed their doors for a number of reasons. We have weathered the storms, our doors are still open and we are devoted to tradition. We believe in educating our students with the true purpose and meaning of martial arts.  While M.M.A., fighting has becoming the thing to do; here at O.M.A. we are not just interested in keeping up with the latest trend of the sport or just the practical art of self-defense, we are interested in building the complete person that is able to perform both inside and out side the dojo.  Our ultimate goal, prayer and desire is to build a great community around us where each and every one of our students may go in life to be great people.  We do it one student at a time.  We do it from our heart out of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

Oasis Martial Arts has been very fortunate over the past decade to have drawn students from every walk of life, many of whom have trained in other styles and discipline for a number of years, and walk in our doors and say, “yes, finally a place that is in it for the right reasons.”  We have one of the best student curriculum designed for a martial arts school after many years of training and it continues to evolve as we are blessed with students of special needs to aid them in the possibility of one day wearing a black belt.  Whether you are looking for traditional training, self-defense, or just a place to get into shape, OMA is the place for you.  For us martial arts is a “way of life”, NOT a way to make a living, let us make it that way for you.

Welcome to OMA, we hope you find what you are looking for here and if not please feel free to contact us to ask other questions about your great opportunity to become a part of our growing family.